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The Window

1ClickDownloader allows you to download any type of file directly, without an external client.

1ClickDownloader is simple, setup is auto configured per your selected file type and your internet connectivity, it only takes 1 click to download at the highest speed available with your current internet connection.


The Download Progress Bar

In this section you will see all the details about your downloaded file.
Oops! Internet connection lost, Don't worry 1ClickDownloader give you the possibility to resume any file you are downloading.


Download/Upload Status

In this section you can see all the status of your download/upload.
Also, you can set your upload limitation in 1Click.


Save Location

The In-built Smart Connection Optimization will automatically set the download settings to match your connection type. You just need to select where to save your files.


How to remove?

Go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove ("Programs & Features" in Vista/Windows 7) and click "Remove" next to '1ClickDownloader'.